LinkedIn as a B2B marketing tool

LinkedIn is by far the best tool to use social media as a B2B marketing tool.

Even though LinkedIn is not like Facebook in terms of the user base, the community mostly consists of professionals. This makes the platform perfect for B2B marketers. About a 61million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions.

79% of marketers say that they see LinkedIn as a great source of leads, with 43% of marketers saying they managed to source out at least one customer from LinkedIn.

But how do you turn your personal or company page into a lead generation tool? First, put some work into your header image as this is the most apparent part of your profile.

Don’t use low-quality pictures, put some effort into obtaining the best visual your company can get to present itself. Search for successful profiles on LinkedIn and get inspired.

When comes to the company description, make it an exciting pitch. Try to experiment, be different. Don’t just use generic words that describe your company’s successes and goals. Use a story from your office or a short testimonial from a previous client.

After managing to get your profile on the best possible level you need to simply use your profile as a common social media platform. This means you need to be active and consistent. Post various status updates on topics that relate to your product. This is the best way to create and retain the connection between you and your networks.

You may also consider publishing an article to your profile, this makes you stand out and prooves your relevance in the industry. Be sure to put a lot of effort into the article so it stands out. Some articles may even become viral.

Also be sure to make your content clickable and conversion-focused. Posting updates that don’t create response does not serve you, when you are considering the topic, ask first if it has a potential to incite discussion under your status update or get a lot of engagement by people liking the information.

If you are still not sure on how to choose your topics, simply enter your niche hashtag into the LinkedIn search tool and find some posts that were successful.

As mentioned, the consistency of posting content is the key on all social media platforms, LinkedIn included. Set up your content calendar and don’t go off your schedule. If you are not successful with your post at first, when you are truly consistent, your content is going to become good enough eventually.

It is said that 3-4 status updates per week and 1 – 2 long-form posts of content per month keeps an ideal balance for your network connections.

When you have managed everything above, add a showcase page. This affiliated page is an extension of your main company page. With a special showcase page, you are able to maintain your voice and style that you present yourself with on LinkedIn within your business page.

Go take a look at some of the best LinkedIn pages there are. For example, PwC is an international brand. You may see their focus on consistency of posting, how they keep the audience engaged, and the variety of topics they cover. The company now has over 3 million users on LinkedIn.

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