PPC campaigns in B2B marketing

Did you know that about 70 % of B2B buyers use search engines when researching their next purchase? PPC campaigns can be a crucial part of your growth. However, before launching the campaign you need to get some knowledge of does this tool work beforehand. Let’s jump into it!

With PPC campaigns B2B companies are able to capture leads fast and efficiently. Be sure to develop a strong marketing strategy for your product first with a budget that is allocated solely for your PPC campaigns.

Then you will need to choose on which platform you believe your product would be most successful as a PPC.

The primary platform for PPC is Google where most potential clients begin their search for possible solutions. A great advantage of a Google PPC campaign is that more than 45 percent of users can’t point out a paid advertisement on a search engine results page. This way your customer acquisition feels way more seamless.

Be sure to consider what kind of keywords are going to use. Some keywords will bring a lot of new leads, but will not bring many actual sales. As always, the dilemma with PPC is if you want to choose quality over quantity.

Google is trying to connect searchers with the content they might be looking for. The search engine fields more than 2 trillion searches per year If you are in B2B, add some ad copy that states you are in this field to friendly avoid potential clickers, that got your ad recommended while not being your potential customers. Simple “Helping businesses since” should work.

You may also consider getting your SEO done by delegating the work to professionals instead. About $500 is what the average U.S. business spends on SEO services each month. 60% of SME’s that use SEO also use PPC.

However, PPC’s have instant results and can generate visitors as soon as you turn on the taps. Unlike SEO, that needs to build authority for your site over time. With PPC’s you can manage your budget and measure your ROI much more easily.

Facebook and LinkedIn are also great platforms for you to consider launching a PPC campaign on. 65% of B2B companies have acquired customers through LinkedIn ads. However, LinkedIn campaigns can prove to become more expensive than any other.

To launch a successful LinkedIn or Facebook PPC campaign you need to perfect your copy and make sure it speaks directly to your buyer’s needs and in a compelling way. If the buyer believes that you have the solution they need, get ready to walk them through all phases of the purchase funnel.

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