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In the beginning, we could not get a grasp of the sales process. We already had 3 salespeople selling our solution, but nobody could describe step by step how they continuously produce meetings or sales. There was no monitoring of any bottlenecks, and KPIs were pretty vague. We managed to sell our solution to a few customers, but luck played a big part in it.” A technology company selling data via API solution to banks and Fintech companies.

The challenge

Long sales cycle

To close a deal it took somewhere from six months to one and a half year. Sometimes even longer

Hard to reach the decision makers

To reach a decision-maker with a cold-call seems to be impossible, cold email is not really working and conferences are out of the question.

Many stakeholders

It usually takes from 3-5+ people to make the decision.

No properly defined sales funnel

We were using many customer acquisition channels we know, however without any structure or process.

Limited marketing materials

All we had was our pitch deck and one case study made by not marketers or sales people.

Limited salse force

We didn’t have people for marketing or lead generation.

,,Goal was to expand internationally and sell our SaaS in Europe. However, there was no sales process in place that would generate meetings in a controlled manner or push the deals to the finish line. "

The old way of doing things

– Cold emailing 50%
– Conferences 20%
– Little bit of LinkedIn 15% 
– Inbound web 5%Generating 3-6 meetings a month
– Follow up only via email.

Issues of doing it that way

We were mostly relying on meetings secured from cold emailing. However, we were often getting invalid emails from all the tools we used or 3rd parties we outsourced them from. If we had quality emails, another obstacle was the bounce rate. If the email went through the soam protection then the prospect had to open the email, read and eventually reply. Too many factors that were hard to influence.

We used LinkedIn very little, basically only to look up the people from companies and then use that information to generate emails for cold-email campaigns. 

Nevertheless, the biggest issue was that we didn’t have any means how to push the deal from the initial meeting to the finish line.

,,Coaching from Everly team has changed the whole way of doing things. Now we have easy process to follow, which deliver consistent results. Now we are using mainly linkedin as a channel to generate new meetings. Moreover, our marketing efforts has been shifted towards LinkedIn. We were also partnered with Everly’s content team for content production. At the beginning we started with 12 posts a mont (3 posts a week) and now we are testing 20 posts a month (one post every day). "

Solution - implementing Holistic sales and marketing process over 3 months

1 Process

Determining the the stages of sales process

2 Optimizing

Optimizing profile for selling. Learning how to use sales navigator to find new accounts and new leads in unknown territory

3 Lead gen

Creating a process/routine how to sustainably generate meetings

4 Marketing

Production of 2 basic marketing material – case studies. Producing 5 posts a week


Results after three months

– Cold emailing 15%
– Conferencese 0%
– linkedin 70%
– Inbound web 15%

Generating 8-12
3x more inbound leads
50% increase in reply rate to followup emails
Decreased time to close deal by 20%


Everly and LinkedIn have drastically changed the ways how we operate now. Finally, we know each part of the whole sales cycle and are able to focus on each part and improve it. 

After implementing what Everly taught us we basically started to generate 80% of all our deals via LinkedIn. Now our potential customers are approaching us and in case we approach them its no longer a cold approach. At the meetings, we were often prised for the content we post and the companies started to followup themselves. Our posts were successful beyond our expectation, our sales posts had 70000+ views, we also got to the stage when we had to slow the customer acquisition because we were not managing to follow up with all the companies.

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