Social media marketing

If you want to promote your brand in the digital era, the best way to do so is clearly social media marketing. You may consider both paid and organic social media avenues, depending on your initial budget.

Let’s take a look at the differences between social media marketing strategies, which social media platforms work the best for B2B, and what tools you have available to make your campaign successful. Note that 74 % of people rely on social networks to help with their purchase decisions.

Social media channels consist of billions of users. Some platforms obviously attract different kinds of users. First, you need to determine several platforms which are key for your business. If you are in B2B, LinkedIn is definitely one of those, for example. As much as 80 % of B2B leads originate from LinkedIn alone.

The first tool that’s very useful for brands on social media is monitoring. Through mentions and hashtags, businesses are able to track conversations about their brands or even the industry they are in and even track their competition. This way your business will be able to collect feedback or even engage in the discussion without any additional cost.

If you are considering boosting your business your brand needs to have some reach. You may either depend on hashtags and reshares in organic marketing, or you may choose to inject some cash for paid promotion, to get more than just your organic reach and possibly even target the audience you are seeking.

After you get some reach you may take advantage of another very useful tool which is built-in page analytics and ads dashboards. This way you are able to get real-time feedback on different kinds of content you are producing, you may identify top-performing content while also monitoring your overall performance.

But your customer may also seek another option on your social media page and that is support. Your business page will therefore eventually become a tool to provide support for customers that have already purchased your service and now are seeking some help or advice.

Once you start your business channel, you have to understand you need to stay active and be open to trying new things if your strategy does not seem to work perfectly. This is the best way to build your brand. Building a brand means you will be able to eventually achieve an emotional connection with your customer since your business becomes interactive by social media presence.

As the most prefered outcome of all B2B marketing and advertising is lead generation, your focus should be concentrated on your LinkedIn profile and business account. What kind of content is preferable, what is the future of social media marketing and what are some other handy tools you may use? Be sure to check the part 2 on out blog.

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