The customer journey

Modern customer behavior is a key thing to understand. Let’s break it down into 5 step customer and get inside your customer’s mindset.

Customer journey is a series of touchpoints that the buyer has towards your product. If you want to improve your customer experience, it is obvious that first, you need to understand, what is the customer even experiencing.

  1. Interest and Awareness

In this stage, the potential customer becomes aware that you exist. If your product or service is advertised, this is most likely the way of how the customer has become aware of you.

You may be advertising on social media or google ads but the awareness also maybe just organic. However, it is important to define in what particular way you want your customer to become aware of you, because then you are able to work with it from a strategic perspective.

LinkedIn is currently the best way for B2B companies to organically grow and LinkedIn’s is gaining popularity and the algorithm favors people who produce content. Only 2% of all LinkedIn users produce content. I got 4000 views with promoted company post for $50. On the same post published on my profile, I got 6000 views.

2. Search and Engagement

You managed to make your customer aware, but do they go on with other actions? As there is a difference between a glance and a stare, there is a difference between just awareness and engagement. Here you need to produce content for your services or product that is engageable, whether it is a text, video, or an ad.

This is the key to making your marketing campaigns progressively effective since you manage to engage with the customer and not just aware of you when they were searching for a solution provider.

3. Reputation and Conversion

No matter what is your product, if you make your customer aware and engaged, they will most likely be going to look up some reviews or experiences with it. It is very important to let some of the previous users of your product express their experience with your product, whether in a review or testimonial.

After you gain your customer’s trust, be sure to convert them by some sort of micro-commitment like some service for a symbolic price or make them invest their time by attending a webinar or educational video of some sort.

4. Purchase

At that point, your customer is aware of your brand, has engaged with your campaign, you have their trust and you managed to convert them. It is important then, to make the purchase phase as seamless as possible. It has to be just another logical step for the customer, where they don’t feel even a glimpse of resistance.

With support from the solution provider, the customer understands success criteria and KPIs.

Customer journey

5. Advocacy

Advocacy is the phase where the customer is eager to give you a testimonial and story of their experience. The best way to achieve this is clearly to have such a great product, where customers will give you a testimonial without asking for it.

However, do not be afraid of asking for a testimonial. It is one of the most crucial components of growing your customer base as highlighted in step 3. Be sure to maintain your relationship with your customer after the purchase phase, this way the advocate may turn to a promoter, which creates referrals that bring more awareness to you and this completes the loop.

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